• Perfect No Frost
  • Luxury Glass Door
  • LCD Display
  • Deodorizer
  • Water-Ice Dispenser
  • Vegetable Case
  • Dairy Pocket
  • Digital Smart Control

Clasa energetica A+

Daewoo combines an extremely efficient compressor with the Digital Smart Control system to prevent energy consumption. This way, you can enjoy the benefits of a Daewoo refrigerator with an optimal power consumption.

Perfect NoFrost

The Perfect NoFrost system provides a clearly superior quality to that of refrigeration. It prevents ice buildup within the appliance, while maintaining a constant temperature. The heating fluid is circulated by cold air currents. Since it uses air instead of water particles, the appliance does not require periodic defrosting and bags will not stick to one another in the freezer. Thanks to its frosting capacity which is 5 times stronger than in other systems, now you are no longer required to clean the ice on the inside wall of the refrigerating appliance.

Luxury Mirror Glass

The refrigerating appliances with a glass door add an elegant touch to your kitchen that will never go out of fashion. The fine design is even more special given that the glass is not ordinary, instead it has a reflexive finish which gives the impression of a mirrored door. All the more so if you live in a small apartment or you have a tiny kitchen, the Daewoo fridge-freezer will make the space seem a lot larger.

Water and Ice Dispenser

The Daewoo water and ice dispenser is an innovative and convenient option for those who prefer to have water at cold temperatures and ice all the time. The device is fitted on the outside of the appliance and provides cold water and perfect ice by simply pressing the pad, without repeatedly opening the refrigerator door.


The role of the Deodorizer function is to neutralise any unpleasant smell inside the refrigerator by filtering the air. You no longer have to worry about opening the refrigerator door when guests are around, because the interior will always give out a nice smell, of fresh and tasty food.

Vegetables/Fruits Case

The Vegetables/Fruit Case compartments provide generous storage space for fruits and vegetables, in addition to being a significant refrigerator section which keeps them fresh for longer periods of time. As it allows the air to circulate, the fruits and vegetables will not dehydrate as in a regular compartment.

Dairy Pocket

The favourite compartment of dairy lovers, Dairy Pocket stores products that you consume regularly: cheese, butter, yoghurt or cream cheese.

Smart Cooling

Smart Cooling evenly cools the entire surface of the refrigerator. The cold air is directed to each shelf, in this way maintaining a constant temperature that ensures food is fresh for as much as possible.

Digital Smart Control

Digital Smart Control detects temperature changes and converts them into digital information that will efficiently control the inside of the refrigerator in close connection with the outside environment.

Multi Air Flow

A ventilator which evenly distributes air was fitted to keep a constant temperature inside the freezer, especially after the door is opened. A cold air flow passes through several vent holes located at each shelf/drawer level to create an evenly cooled environment. Temperature fluctuations are reduced to a minimum and cooling times are ideal - which helps maintain the flavour of the food for longer periods of time. In addition, Multi Air Flow prevents ice buildup on the inside walls and on the bags of frozen food.

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Product width (mm)


Product height (mm)


Product depth (mm)


Net weight (kg)


Net capacity (Total)

537 litri

Net capacity (Fridge)

357 litri

Net capacity (Freezer)

180 litri

Energy efficiency


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